ANALYZER is helpful for primary screening diagnostics of human by private and family doctors, in clinics and hospitals, medical research centers, rehabilitation and spa centers, etc.

ANALYZER makes the process of decision-making easier and faster, both for establishing the diagnosis and for defining further specific diagnostic procedures if necessary.


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A resource of efficient decision making. 

ANESA allows medical professionals to easily monitor the health parameters of their patients on a regular basis. The device runs on deep learning algorithms, which allows identifying the signs of pathologies and health threats. The combination of user-friendly interface and convenient size of ANSEA adds value to the daily routine work of a medical professional, as it makes it possible to carry out multifunctional screening of patients rather quickly. Perfect for health institutions, hospitals, and clinics, sport/fitness and wellness centers, private practice of physicians.



General indicators

Erythrocytes RBC. x10¹²/l, Hemoglobin HGB. g/l, Hematocrit.HCT %, Thrombocytes. x10⁹/l, Leukocytes WBC. x10⁹/l, Lymphocytes.LYMPH %, Monocytes.MONO %, Glucose. mmol/l, Cholesterol total. mmol/l, Low-density lipoproteins (LDL). mmol/l, High-density lipoproteins (HDL). mmol/l, Triglycerides (TG). mmol/l, ALT. U/l, AST. U/l, Bilirubin, Total. μmol/l, Creatinine. μmol/l, Urea. mmol/l


Hemoglobin HGB. g/l, Erythrocytes RBC. x10¹²/l, Leukocytes WBC. x10⁹/l, Mean cell hemoglobin (MCH). Pg, Mean cell volume (MCV). Fl, Mean cell haemoglobin concentration (MCHC). g/l, CPB (Color index of blood), Lymphocytes.LYMPH %, Segmented neutrofiles.NEUT %, Eosinophils. %, Monocytes.MONO %, Stab neutrofiles.NEUT %, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR. mm/h

Blood coagulation

Beginning of clotting (method of Lee-White). min, End of clotting (method of Lee-White). min, Thrombocytes. x10⁹/l, Fibrinogen. g/l, Prothrombin index (PI). %, Hematocrit.HCT %

Electrolyte metabolism

Calcium (Ca). mmol/l, Magnesium (Mg). mmol/l, Potassium (K). mmol/l, Sodium (Na). mmol/l

Functional parameters of stomach

pH of gastric juice, SH, Basal pressure of Oddi’s sphincter mm Hg


Non-invasive experience

Innovative and painless diagnostic procedure without any risks of infection, irritation or irradiation. Safe for both, the patient and the doctor. Excludes risk of infections like hepatitis C, HIV, etc.

In-depth analysis and reliability of measurements

AI and deep learning algorithms evaluate external and internal factors, remove human error, and calibrate results for each individual. Multiple clinical tests and external evaluations demonstrate a high level of method reliability.

Сost savings and Environmental Protection

Non-invasive technologies are considered eco-friendly, as no plastic containers or bags are needed for data collection. From a cost perspective, ANESA does not require any additional chemical reagents, special substances, or consumables. Hospitals, clinics, mobile health care units, family doctors, rehabilitation, and wellness centers can optimize the budgets for primary health care and diagnosing.

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